Barr Mansion Wedding | Austin, TX | Molly and John Carl

This Barr Mansion Wedding was beautiful and fun! Well first we LOVE the Barr Mansion! It is such a beautiful venue, we do not think there is any bad places for pictures on the property, it is just gorgeous! Molly and John Carl were soooo much fun! Their wedding party was a blast to photograph and be around. The reception was so vibrant and fun, nothing else like it. It could not have been a more perfect day. Starting off the post a little different with one of our favorite images from the day! We hope you all enjoy their photos from the Barr Mansion!


Barr Mansion WeddingBarr Mansion Wedding

Barr Mansion Wedding Vendors

Photography: Forever Photography Studio


  1. by kristi wright on April 9, 2013  3:48 pm

    The shot of the bride walking down the aisle is so pretty. Love the reception shots!

  2. by Halley Hogan on April 9, 2013  6:11 pm

    Gorgeous bride and pictures! I love them all :)

  3. by cammie bennett on April 9, 2013  7:38 pm

    Great photos.Wished I could have made it.

  4. by Ana Gispert on April 9, 2013  11:50 pm

    What a beautiful, sophisticated bride and lovely setting, very tastefully done, if I have to picture my favorite it would be the cover pic, Melissa I missed all of the ones with you! And where was Jay and.........

  5. by Melissa Lanthrum Reimers on April 10, 2013  3:39 am

    I believe they are sending Molly ALL the photos on a CD....look for them leaking all over FB in the near future! Great photographers - so accomodating and super nice.

  6. by Chris Pierce on April 11, 2013  12:30 pm

    Georgous pictures and bride! What a beautiful venue too! Keep posting, would love to see more.

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